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Berkeley Heights Police Department Retired Officers

Rank   Name Date Served
Chief of Police Dominick Russo, Jr. 1930-1957
Chief of Police Harold I. Curtis, Jr. 1946-1982
Captain Vito LaSasso 1946-1968
Sergeant Vito Amodeo 1948-1973
Lieutenant Donald Bryan 1953-1980
Chief of Police Ralph DelDuca 1955-1992
Sergeant Albert F. Christensen 1955-1990
Lieutenant Charles J. LaSecla 1957-1983
Sergeant Daniel Mondelli 1957-1982
Patrolman Al LaJeunesse 1957-1983
Sergeant Peter H. Schaub 1958-1989
Patrolman Harvey Benner 1958-1983
Sergeant Anthony Squazzo 1960-1986
Chief of Police Theodore P. Rica 1961-1995
Sergeant John McGrath 1963-1987
Detective Sergeant William Judge 1966-1992
Detective Sergeant Frank Campano 1967-1994
Captain Michael A. Borsos 1967-1994
Captain John A. DelDuca 1968-1996
Captain Harold I. Curtis III 1968-1996
Detective Richard F. Brady 1968-1994
Patrolman Frederick J. Bauer 1968-1994
Sergeant Harry Martino 1971-1997
Patrolman James Caparoso 1971-1997
Captain Robert J. Hague 1975-2000
Sergeant Michael Santucci 1983-2001
Chief of Police Charles Monica 1973-2001
Sergeant David Bogert 1978-2004
Captain Peter Dellomo 1980-2005
Captain                                          Andrew Moran                                      1984-2009
Captain                                          Stephen Stamler                                    1985-2009
Patrolman                                       Daniel Gara                                          1985-2010
Chief of Police                                 David Zager                                         1983-2010 
                                                     Lieutenant                                     Frank Fortunato                                     1987-2014
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